Trying to eat healthy again


I have started eating a bit healthy again since I can’t go to the gym because I had a little accident and hurt my left knee 3 weeks ago. It will take a while for it to heal, I also started to walk more during my lunch break at work.  My work is very un-healthy, I sat on my desk in front of a computer coding for 8 hours.

I am also allergic to some fruit (apple, cherries, plums and peaches), so my choices are limited. Nuts are a no no for me.

Anyway below are some of the healthy food that I have been trying and I seem to have lost a Kilo in 5 days.

1. Avocado Milkshake for breakfast (half of avocado and 150ml soya milk).
2. Tropical Juice with Kale from M&S (I drink 100ml of this once a day).
3. Porridge, chia seeds and blueberries. (I eat this on my lunch time at work).
4. I added a piece of croissant as a treat for the weekend.
5. Salad with humous, feta cheese and coleslaw (shop bought).
6. Drink plenty of herbal tea.

I reduced the amount of chocolate I eat, small chunks for 100 cal. each day doesn’t hurt.

I love the Avocado Milkshake, I even tried it with full-fat milk, it was so yummy and filling esp. for breakfast.

I have been avoiding, bacon, sausages, french fries (chips as we call it in the UK), crisps and anything deep fried.

As you probably all noticed that I love baking cakes, I eat this in moderation too.
I make them for my family and friends. As long as they like what I bake for them, I don’t need to eat a huge slice of it.  But I am looking forward to eat a full slice of the goodies that I made.

Thanks for reading.


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