How messy is Eton Mess

I was in the supermarket at one point looking for a ready made dessert to go with the Spanish Paella for dinner. It was scorching hot at that time so a light dessert is a must.

Then I thought of making a Pavlova but I didn’t have enough time to make the meringue. So I decided to create an Eton Mess instead. I did not look for any particular recipe to create the dessert.

IMG_0136-0I bought the following ingredients below.

  • A bag of frozen summer berries which contains strawberries, raspberries and blackberries (any frozen fruits will do)
  • A pot of whipping cream (600 ml)
  • Ready made meringues, lots of it
  • Vanilla pods (if you wish)
  • Some granulated sugar

Whip the cream into a very thick consistency, then crush the meringues with your hand into bite size chunks.  Scrape the seeds from the Vanilla Pod then add it in the cream mixture, set aside.

Defrost the frozen berries and drained. You can add some sugar to the berries. Dish it out into a bowl or a wine glass like the photo attached. Then put it in the fridge for a bit, 30 minutes will do or you can eat it straight away.  The dessert is traditionally served at Eton’s College.

You can create any other types of this dessert, you can use banana, mango or passion fruits.

Thanks for reading.
~ Lisa

Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

This dark chocolate mug cake is superb! If you want a fast pudding on the table then try this!

Below are the ingredients I used. The best chocolate you used the better!

4 tablespoon of Self-Raising flour
2 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder (green & blacks or bourneville)
5 tablespoon of Whole Milk
2 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil
And sprinkles with Dark Chocolate chunks (green & blacks)

Microwave for 2 Minutes and 30 seconds (my microwave is 800 watts)
Take the mug cake out of the microwave carefully, leave it for a minute on the side then enjoy!

Please note that you can also substitute Cocoa powder with melted dark or milk chocolate, if you fancy. You will need approximately 2 tablespoon of melted chocolate.

Leave a comment if you tried this.

photo 1

Thanks for reading.
~ Lisa

Celebration Cupcakes

These Vanilla cupcakes are so easy to make, decorated these with two-toned butter cream with some lavender coloured sprinkles and edible gold beads.

I made these for a friend’s Tanning Salon event in Golborne and I printed off the company logo and made little flags using cocktail sticks!

For recipe, please click this link.

2-toned cupcakes397538_625237610904336_491715820_n







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~ Lisa

2015 – Happy New Year

Welcome to my first day of blogging!
I can still remember the first time I attempted baking Victoria Sponge Cake in 2005.
It was a bit of a disaster, my mixer was too small, the butter not in room temperature and the cake was a bit hard when cooked 🙂

Now, I can bake perfect Victoria Sponge Cake.

Have a great Sunday to all
~ Lisa